Is there a favourite child in your family?

“Like I have always told my three boys, ‘You’re one of my three favourite boys’. I don’t have a favourite. I love them all for their individual  personalities. I love my first him for how smart and empathetic he is to others who some people define as ‘different.’ He has always stood up to kids who bully others. At six years old, he stood up for a 17-year old autistic child who was being picked on by other kids. My second son, born eight years after my first my son, sees life in amazing ways. He is just as smart as his older brother, but is lazy about it. I knew he was different but knew he had a special view on life that only he had. He was diagnosed initially with autism, then with sensory processing disorder, and ADHD. My youngest son  was born two years later. He is also very smart and is his own person. He acts like my stepfather, is named after him, heck,  he even has a gap in his front top teeth like him. My other two don’t. Do I favor one over the other?  NO. Do I have a favourite? No would be the answer. They are all unique boys and now young men, as my oldest is in college. They all still give me morning snuggles (well, when my college boy is home). I love all my boys the same.”
Jennifer Pierce Padilla Keifer
“I stopped at one partly because I felt no other child could match him.”
Anne McCarthy Strauss

“You love them all the same, but one may seem the ‘favourite,’ which happens if he lets you ‘in’ more than the others, when he  opens his  life to you MORE & wants that closeness.”
Patti Schwartz Wilson

“My children are grown and married, but when we text I always tell each one that they are my favourite but don’t tell the others! That way they feel special, but when I die they’ll compare notes and laugh about it”
Beth Morrison-Romagano

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