When a woman begins one of the most dramatic phases of her life, she wants to learn all she can about living the healthiest, richest and most fashionable ways possible.

FabOverFifty.com embraces it all: Her fashion and beauty, sex and relationships, health and wellness, career and passions. It relates to the changes in her body, her attitude and her direction with intelligence, originality, humor, class and style.

FabOverFifty.com’s spectacular contests, giveaways and product testing; interactive features like “Ask a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon” and “Ask a Life Coach”; exclusive interviews with experts across the board, and first-person stories about everything from plastic surgery to sexual experiences give the site its spirit and

FabOverFifty.com is beautiful, wise, welcoming and original. Yep, it’s all of that, just like the women in its community.

Geri Brin, a former newspaper and magazine editor and publisher, founded FabOverFifty.com in 2010, with the premise that the women of her generation are the greatest women in history, and they fully intend to live with gusto every single day.