Is there a favourite child in your family?

“You say this with wink…. but I can tell you about my case. My mom recently passed and we found out she left almost everything to my sister… who had also whipped out her savings. So, if you have a favoruite, at least be honest about it.”
Shellee Van Hove

“I have witnessed parents who favor children and play manipulative games, setting the kids up against one another.”
Renee Curry
“No, I don’t think so. As a parent, we know what child needs a little more attention than the other siblings.”
Gwen Lovinthemtwo Holland

“I have a different relationship with both my sons. I love them the same and do for them the same, I just wish I was as close to my oldest son like I am my youngest son. But I realized they have their own personalities and they care in different ways, I have always been told I babied the youngest. Maybe I did.”
Lissah Rucker Webster
“I think all parents do. They won’t admit it, but they do. I do. So what?”
Jan Nielsen

“I think we have easy children, and harder children, but we love them the same.”
Robbie Knighten
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