Is there a favourite child in your family?

When we asked if you have a ‘favourite’ child, many of you diplomatically said they’re all your favourites. Destiny offered the cleverest answer of all! And Patti’s definitely was insightful.

“I have a favouite. It changes all the time. But yes. LOL”
Destiny Walser Head
“I would like to say, ‘I hope not,’  but I think some do. Each of mine is my favourite for different reasons; be it in their accomplishments, or because of their heart. I love them equally and am blessed to call them, ‘MINE’.”
Paulette Greyn

“Calling a child a favourite has no bearing on the amount of love you feel for all your children. I love all four of my children equally, it’s limitless. I am, however, closest to my second oldest. We just have a stronger bond. As simple as that.”
Geri Show-Gilbert

“I think I was my dad’s favorite and my only sibling was my mom’s favourite. I have two children and they are both my favourites, just in different ways. I love them both the same. I also have two grandchildren and they are also both my favourite grandkids, just in different ways. I love them both the same as well.”
Cindy Siegman Daprile Winslow

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