Could you fall in love with a much younger gentleman?

“Mine was 17 years younger. It was like having another kid. In 11 years he couldn’t be the man he thought he was. I knew too much and he didn’t know enough. It was fun but not worth the time and effort. So, the answer is hell no.”

Most women could, and if both parties were past 40, it might work. I have known relationships that worked beautifully and you couldn’t tell there was even an age difference. An aunt married her best friend’s son, some 30 years younger. Their marriage was wonderful. At church a man told me he was 25 years younger than his wife and married to her for 25 years at the time You couldn’t tell there was a difference in age there either.”
Beverly Ann

It’s all hot and great and new in the beginning, until reality starts to set in with health issues, etc. Pretty soon the guy gets the ‘This is Not What I Signed Up For’ train of thought.”
Jean Spurvey

“Already love my son. Don’t need another.”
Linda Youngs Mitchell

Ack. No. Perhaps it’s good for them, but I have no desire to ever be in a relationship with a man who is younger than some of my clothing. Ack.”
Tammy Velasquez

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