Could you fall in love with a much younger gentleman?

When we asked on Facebook whether you could fall for a man 25 years younger (like 64-year-old Brigitte Macron, the wife of the new 39-year-old president of France), we were amazed (and delighted) by the big response. The post received almost 42,000 views, and 250 women weighed in. While many FOFs said “no way,” others weren’t quite so definitive. We love Melanie’s comment!

I taught my son to love with his heart, and to be open minded. Race, religion, same sex, disability don’t matter. Loving the person you’re with, that’s something to explore. And being happy is a treasure. I’d hope I could think the same way.”
Priscilla Witt

Guys date/marry much younger women and no one blinks. I say, good for her! Next.”
Barbara Winslow

“No. I was married to someone for over 32 years, together for over 33, who was five years younger, and there were always subtle differences, throughout our years together. In the end, I think it made a difference, to him.  

“I could not fathom being with someone who could be my son. About all you would have in common is sex. And that only goes so far.”
Jan Nielsen

“You do not really know if you could, unless you are put in this situation. I had a good friend 13 years younger, when I was married. Once in awhile people would talk about us being more than friends. I said hell no, he is way too young, that is nasty. After we were both divorced, we met up again, as friends. After awhile, we just grew closer. Now we’ve been married for six years, I cannot imagine my life without him. Sure, there are some situations that come up because of the age difference, but we just work them out. Am I scared this relationship will not work out because of the age difference? Hell yes! But for now, he is the best thing that ever had happened to me and I am going to enjoy it.”
Kim Wilson Hoekwater

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