What you wanted to know before menopause

If you haven’t yet been through menopause, some of your FOF sisters reveal what they wish they knew before they had! Kellie explains it perfectly.

“I wish I knew that all the hype was for nothing. Like I told my doctor: It was like I was waiting for this big, huge game-changing parade and then nothing happened. Not that I was disappointed. Just that it taught me to understand that we are all individuals. What happens to one likely won’t be the same for another. Go with the flow. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by the anxiety and build up. I now treat life like that; go with the flow; it’s my journey.”

Kellie Suzanne

“Waking up feeling more tired than when I went to bed due to the waking up every two hours. The crazy weight gain that came even though I eat half of what I used to. Just have zero energy!”

Debbie Mast-Albright

“I had no idea how great it is to not get your period!”

Shelly Gail

“Take an aspirin a day to avoid heart issues once it starts.”

Yanira M. Haven-Willars

“I went through it and didn’t know it, thank heaven, and in my forties.”

Evelyn Fitzpatrick Carver

“That it was going to last sooooo long!”

Nancy Spencer Blanchard

“That sex would become nonexistent.”

Kim Patterson Luton

“I wish I knew about the anxiety and headaches!”

Kimberly Schandel Bancroft

“ I wish I knew about a  20-pound weight gain, no energy and square butt on top of hot flashes! I know this one girl who’s the same age and said she has nooo symptoms at all. I’m like noooo way!?”

Judy Harris Bullard

“That I would gain a big amount of weight and my face would break out.”

Jamie Andrews

“That no one could understand until they go through it themselves. Which means your husband never will.”

Cheryl Tarrant

“I heard so many horror stories, but so far, I have had nothing. My period is gone, I am very laid back so no mood swings, I sleep good, no major weight gain, no depression. I am hoping I don’t get any of this. My health is good, I am just so glad I don’t get a period. My body temp has always been like 96 -97 degrees so I have no hot flashes either.”

Karri Miller

“How important hormones could be in menopause – nobody seems to tell women that they undergo all of these changes in sexual function that are so easy to fix, once they know what to do. Men would never be treated this way!”

Leslie Faith Dennis

“That I would be as emotional as when I went through puberty!”

Barb Chrestensen

“That I would not miss my uterus! Wish they had removed it when I was 40.”

Melody Roy

“That sticking your head in the freezer for a few minutes can help a hot flash. Always scope out the fridge when you go somewhere. It took me awhile to discover that.”

Lorie Myers Worley  

“I don’t understand why folks think menopause is a mood swinger. I don’t have that at all! It’s been five years  since i had a hysterectomy, and I had roughly 20 ‘hot flashes’ in five years. Only last few seconds. I do,  however, agree with facial acne breakout, although very few . I don’t ever have to take hormones.”

Virginia Lee

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