10 tips for your kids when they move out on their own

At last, your “child” is moving out of your house, into his own place, and you can’t wait to be enveloped in peace and quiet. Not so fast! Unless you arm him with some practical advice before he’s out the door, chances are he’ll be back at your door sooner than you think.

1. Leave an extra set of keys with us (because we know how forgetful you can be).

2. Don’t use a stepladder unless someone is there to spot you.

3. Buy a plunger (and toilet paper in bulk)!

4. Hire someone to clean your place once a month (you’ll help them out on this one, if necessary).

5. Don’t let anyone move in with you without understand the rental laws where you live (it can take months to kick out someone who’s not even on the lease).

6. Learn how to cook some easy dishes (so you won’t spend your entire salary ordering in every night).

7. Tidy up (messy spaces create messy minds, so make your bed every morning).

8. If you’re nice to your neighbors, they’ll be nice to you (hopefully).

9. Don’t get a pet unless you can take care of it (without involving us).

10. You can come home (for a visit) whenever you want.

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