Should you wear high heels after 50?

Bring up the subject of wearing heels, and women respond as if you’re starting a debate about religion or politics. They have a lot to say for and against the practice. Here are some of our favorite positions, on both sides of the issue!

“Never. After a lifetime of having to dress up for my job, when I left to become self employed, I threw away all my heels and panty hose. And my back and my toes thank me every day.”

Mary Tracy Hollifield

“When I wanna feel SEXY!”

Wendy G. Lax-Bryant

“High heels? Never. Have you ever seen an X-ray of feet in high heels/stilettos? You’d never wear them again. LOL I do wear a lower heel though if an occasion calls for it.”

Debbie Summers

“Never. Women look utterly ridiculous teetering around in them. And OLD women who wear them to try to look young appear as ridiculous as a bald old guy with a comb-over.”

Donna Dee

“Wear the heels. Wouldn’t hurt to not look like you just came out of Walmart. As to being over 50, get over it.”

Jenny Maples

“Every chance I get! I see many comments about not wearing them, but wearing flats and flip flops. Flip flops are the #1 cause of injuries in the summer months…verified by an EMT. I can walk around in stilettos all day, and have never fallen, but I fell off a three-foot deck while wearing flip flops and landed elbow first on concrete and broke my arm!”

Donna Williams

“Every day and I’m 60!”

Elisa Friedman Dansky

“I love my heels, I wear them every time we go out, which is most days. I Love my Jimmy Choos.”

Linda Murphy

“I’ve had to wear flats for the past two  years due to a back injury. I wore a sandal with a one-inch wedge heel yesterday and my butt hurts today.”

DeeAynn Durbin

“When I go out I wear converse and jeans most days… oh, and my work uniform”

Tracey Morrow

“Wear them four days a week..but I have had to go to a kitten heel.”

Trish Guthrie Ekberg

“Almost every day! They make me happy!”

Lorraine Monaghan Kopetzki

“Never. I’m tall and don’t need them.”

Lorie Myers Worley

“Every day. Sometimes wedges, but always high.”

Pauline Durban

“Never. I prefer my Doc Martens anyday.”

Bridget Swift

“Not anymore, used to for work and other, it’s cowboy boots, tennis shoes or flip flops.”

Karri Miller

“Monday-Friday! Loafers on the weekends!”

Marcie Samartino

“Not wearing heels is fine! Not liking heels is fine!! But when you say they look ridiculous, then that’s just jealousy!! Heels add to the look of a nice outfit and, if you can’t wear them, they make some really cute flats or wedges these days!!”

Kimberly Manns

“Wore them all the time and loved them!!! At 54 decided on a complete career change. Now, I wear scrubs with tennies or Danskos every day, and boots with jeans on off days… just bought my first pair of heels in seven years…”

Eileen Hickman

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