How to celebrate spring and summer traditions

Spring is finally here, we think! Bright yellow daffodils are abloom, birds are singing and there’s no mistaking the smell of fresh-cut grass. Now that one of the worst winters on record is behind us, and warmer weather is around the corner, we can retire our heavy jackets and coats, and the men can take their trusty polo shirts out of storage.

Crazy for Camping


What better time to hit the trails than when nature is at it’s finest and we’re literally surrounded by new life at every turn. At day’s end, as a chill hits the air, who doesn’t love sitting around a campfire, telling stories and roasting marshmallows, of course!

Make sure to pack warm and cozy sweaters, hats and scarves, as well as properly insulated sleeping bags, before heading to your campsite. Spring nights can be pretty nippy, and being well prepared for the elements will ensure a happy trip 24/7.

Spring Clean and Fresh


Spring is the time for fresh starts and de-cluttering. The traditional ‘spring clean’ may have changed, but there’s still something rather refreshing about throwing open the windows and doors, letting in the sunshine and the breeze, and clearing out the winter cobwebs and dust that have descended on your house during the long winter months. Also, as the weather gets promisingly dryer, spring is an ideal season for car boot or garage sales to help you say farewell to all the stuff you no longer want or need.

Glories of Gardening


Good weather is just what we need to get us out and into the garden, when we can plant those lovely vegetables that we’ll relish later in the year. Gardening is such an appealing traditional activity that you can enjoy with children or grandchildren of any age, and they might even start to love the beans, peas, carrots, leeks, tomatoes and cabbage that they help you plant. So pop on your rubber boots, stick on your husband’s old polo shirt and top it off with a comfy and practical ladies’ waterproof jacket. Cotton Traders offers a great selection to keep you dry and clean while you’re out sowing your seeds.



Barbecuing has become more of a norm than a tradition, and it’s the perfect opportunity to get together with friends and family to enjoy good food and conversation, watch the kids romping in the pool, and take in lots of fresh air. Everyone also has the chance to show off his or her signature barbecue dish. Franks, anyone?

Celebrating traditions and creating new ones help connect us to the generations before and after us. Enjoy whatever spring traditions your family follows and keep your fingers crossed for some lovely spring weather to go with them!

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