The Truth About Tummy Tucks

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding tummy tucks, starting with the popular belief that a tummy tuck is the perfect way to lose weight. If you’re overweight and have decided to slim down once and for all, you may be surprised to learn that a tummy tuck is not a “quick fix” that will eliminate extra pounds as a shortcut to your dream body. Although it is possible to lose weight by having some surgeries, a tummy tuck is not one of them. However, once a person has reached a healthy weight, a tummy tuck can be an ideal way to fine-tune the figure and enhance weight loss success.

Understand the Limitations of Tummy Tucks

Most patients misunderstand the purpose and scope of a tummy tuck, which leads to many unrealistic expectations about the results of the surgery.

Simply put, a tummy tuck removes excess stomach skin and fatty tissue and tightens underlying abdominal muscles.

The total amount of weight loss typically is only a few pounds. Just like any plastic surgery, the best candidate for a tummy tuck is going to see the best results. The procedure is not a substitute for adopting a healthy lifestyle. Instead, a tummy tuck performed after weight loss will accentuate your thinner figure. Patients who have the procedure before reaching their target weights may end up with more lax skin that requires revision surgery to correct. Being patient and approaching weight loss and body contouring in the right order—reach your target weight first, then look into a tummy tuck if necessary—increases the likelihood you’ll be more satisfied with your new look in the long run.

Tummy Tucks vs.
Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgeries, such as gastric bypass or gastric band procedures, have become mainstream options for men and women who are significantly overweight. Unfortunately, most post weight loss surgery patients are left with unsightly folds of loose skin as a stark reminder of their former figure, which can cause them to feel self-conscious. For these men and women, body contouring procedures, including tummy tucks, are ideal ways to bring their body transformation to completion.

A tummy tuck can help you feel proud of your weight loss success as well as more confident about your slimmer figure and toned, sculpted tummy.

A tummy tuck performed by Dr. Frank Campanile

Besides helping you to look better in a bathing suit, tummy tucks may help patients keep weight off for better long-term health results, according to recent studies. This effect is believed to occur because a majority of patients have an increased sense of feeling full—known as “satiety”—following an abdominoplasty procedure. The study published in 2013 tracked 20 women who had tummy tuck procedures. Of these women, 70% maintained long term weight loss after a year. More research is needed to look at longer term outcomes and understand the mechanism for sustained weight loss following abdominoplasty, but this research is encouraging for many people who are overweight who may be able to see an added benefit from their tummy tuck procedure.

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