The Top Hair Concerns of Women Over 50

You might be surprised to learn the top 7 hair concerns of 635 FOFs, which they revealed in a recent study we conducted. After you read the countdown, make sure to let us know in the comments section about YOUR number one hair concern. The more knowledge manufacturers have about our needs, the more they can help!

7. Taming curls

6. Keeping hair straight

5. Filling in thinning hair

4. Creating volume that lasts all day

3. Repairing damaged hair

2. Combating frizz


1. Instantly covering roots when
they start to show

Want to extend the time between colorings, and cover your roots effectively and quickly? Gray Away, a temporary root concealer, is an FOF fave—
the pictures above show why!

What’s YOUR number one
hair concern?

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  1. Gillian MacDougall says:

    thinning hair


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